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    i love them :DD
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  3. darthlauren said: this is incredible you are TOO CUTE! haha
  4. bone-dry said: this successfully made me giggle. i hate miley cyrus with a passion and i watched this entire video. i’d consider that a success.
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  6. shootthemoonforyou said: hahaha :] <3
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    made my night
  8. kove said: ha
  9. rotulovinilo said: Very nice choreography!
  10. wendyschickennug said: HOW ARE YOU GUYS SO SKINNY
  11. eatdirt said: YO Y DAT GURL NOT ON TUMLR ANY MOE??????
  12. dishevelment said: Glad people are asking about my bike haha
  13. watdafuqbro said: might sound dumb ‘cause for all i know you live in an apartment or something, but why is your bike in your room? jealous of mannequin, by the way.
  14. matzah said: I want a bike in my room! gbrnejkglfnjk