what face wash does Drake use? does he use emojis? when was the last time he cried? I need to know these things immediately

Middle school me:IDK i just haven't met any guys who are my type
High school me:my type is female
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omg guys I FINALLY GOT A JOB I’ve been to so many interviews and now I have an administrative assistant position and I get paid time off and that’s not even the best part WE HAVE THREE CATS IN THE OFFICE wow I love my life everyone stay positive things will always look up when you least expect it

today I cut 13 inches off my hair

wow I’m really cute my body is perfect it does so much for me and I have put it through a lot and it still does everything it can to keep me well! girls are amazing I’m amazing can we all come in for a group hug

shoutout to all of you posting oitnb spoilers like really pivotal moments in the new season like damn give me a frickin week to watch it before you post every single scene from the seasonĀ 

wow I’m in love what kind of sick joke is this